Golf Ball Retrieval

Turn water hazards into cash. North Florida Golf Ball Company provides our clients with:

  • Service contract with regularly scheduled dates.
  • Transparent ball-count verification and payment procedures

North Florida Golf Ball Company provides professional retrieval services for golf courses in the southeast USA for over 25 years.


As a full service company dedicated to honesty, integrity and accountability you can rely on us to maximize this profit center. Our advanced retrieval systems ensure maximum harvesting of golf balls and will from your course quickly and unobtrusively so that your golfers are never interrupted or inconvenienced.


Unlike other companies, we provide a professional level of service to ensure you complete satisfaction. More than just “some guy in a pick-up truck”, we are a full service company. We provide golf ball retrieval services, wholesale and retail sales of recycled balls and other pond maintenance and diving services. We will ensure you get:

  • Highest yield of golf balls
  • Professionally trained divers

Located in Jacksonville, FL., our diving crews service all golf courses in Florida, Georgia and the Carolina’s. Additionally, our network of qualified divers extends throughout the USA and Canada.


Contact us today, get more from your water hazards tomorrow with North Florida Golf Ball Company.


Need divers for any other type of work? We do pump and fountains, retrieval lost items and inspections.