Ball Grades and Categories

Ball grades

Our recycled golf balls fall into one of five quality categories.

Mint Condition

This is the highest grade for used balls, not refurbished or altered in anyway. This grade will ensure excellent condition with little wear and look and play exactly like a new ball. Ball will be of the highest quality, ensuring color, brightness and shine. Additionally:

  • There will be no significant scuffs or blemishes. Manufacturer printing will look brand new, with no stains and scuff will not exceed four dimples.
  • There may be a small amount of player markings. Sharpie ink will not exceed manufacture printing.

Golf balls may have team or corporate logos or other factory-printed text on them. We guarantee that these balls will play, look, and feel as if you just took them from their original sleeve.

This grade is ideal for single-digit handicappers who want to play top brand golf balls but do not want to pay retail pricing .

Grade A

This is our most popular grade. It offers the best price for a “like new” ball that has been played for a few holes. This ball will play exactly like our Mint Condition grade but will show more signs of wear including minor scuffs and/or blemishes. This grade will also include more Sharpie marks than our Mint Condition grade and/or the shine and color of the balls may slightly vary. We guarantee that the integrity of the flight characteristic is not compromised at all.

This grade is great for mid-handicappers and weekend warriors who want to play top brand golf balls but do not want to pay retail pricing.

Grade B

This is our value grade and offers the price conscious golfer a quality ball that will play just like our higher grades. This grade will not include cuts, bubbles or pealing, but may show some wear including moderate scuffs, some variance in color/tint, and may have logos and larger golfer markings. In addition, “X-Outs, Practice and refurbished ” are included in this grade. They don’t look new anymore, but you would keep teeing them up.

This grade is great for high-handicappers who want to test a variety of top brand golf ballsand don’t care about loosing the ball.

Practice Grade

These balls are good and among our least expensive. Golf courses can save a ton of money and give their golfers great balls by purchasing these for use on the range. These are expendable and you won’t mind losing them. They may be cosmetically challenged or discolored including scuffing, player markings, logos and some dirt marks.

Ideal for a beginner or occasional golfer to use every day, and they are perfect for more advanced golfers, instructors or coaches to use to fill a shag bag. These are also great for hit-away golf, hitting into water or other spaces to work on your swing.

These are less expensive than going to the range.

Hit-Away Grade

These balls are perfect for hitting into woods, water or anywhere you aren’t going to get the ball back. These are sold in bags of 600 and retail for $50 per bag.


Additionally, bulk balls may fall into one of three categories:

Pro Line

These are tour-type golf balls, considered premium and offering better compression and backspin on the green. These are usually three- or four-piece golf balls.

Store Line

These golf balls are suitable for regular golfers. They are considered to be game improvement or distance balls with lower spinning to help keep the ball going straight. These are usually two-piece design.

Value Line

These are great for the beginner golfer and sold at a very reasonable price.